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Local Mold Removal At

Welcome to our premier local mold removal services in Aventura! At the heart of our mold removal services is a commitment to thoroughness and efficiency.


We employ a meticulous approach to ensure that every trace of mold is eradicated from your property. Our experienced team combines cutting-edge technology with proven techniques to deliver results that exceed expectations.

Our Services


Contact us today to book your mold inspection & get started!


Restoring the cleanliness in the air you breathe.


Restore your space to what it once was!


The best , most professional and extensive remediation!

True Mold Specialists are here to help you get rid of your mold problems.

Molds are a serious problem especially when they keep coming back. Not only are they hazardous to your health, but they also pose damage to your property. Fortunately, True Mold Specialists can fix this problem. We can provide mold inspection and mold removal 24/7 in Florida.

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